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begirls's Journal

Brown Eyed Girls
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to the first Brown Eyed Girls LJ community. Please follow the rules. They are subject to change at any time. Finally, have fun! Spazz posts are more than welcomed.

is a branch of BEGirls. All releases will be posted at this community. As a fansub, we aim to bring fans top quality subs. [Inactive indefinitely right now.]

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Je A (제아)

Kim Hyo Jin (김효진)
September 18 1981
Leader, Vocals
Blood Type O

Miryo (미료)

Jo Mi Hye (조미혜)
November 2 1981
Blood Type A

Narsha (나르샤)

Park Hyo Jin (박효진)
December 28 1981
Blood Type A

Ga In (가인)

Son Ga In (손가인)
September 20 1987
Blood Type B

060302 1집 - Your Story
060503 Digital Single - Hold the Line (feat. Jo PD)
060828 1집 - Your Story Repackage
060908 Single - To My Lover (Je A and Yeon Ji)
061116 Single - Must Have Love (Ga In and Kim Yong Jun)
061128 Queen of the Game OST (05. 독한 사랑)
070529 Tony An - Untold Story (04. 사랑은 가질 수 없을 때 더 아름답다 (New Arrangement Version) feat. Miryo)
070621 Digital Single - I am Summer
070906 2집 - 떠나라 미스김 (Leave Ms. Kim)
080117 Mini Album - With L.O.V.E Brown Eyed Girls
080131 Soul Romance into the Rainbow (01. 이 겨울에 (This Winter)) (Narsha and Miryo)
080306 Jo PD - PDIS (09. Hold The Line 08 Remix feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
080320 Best Drama Hits 韓流 History 2 - (2-05. 살고싶어 (Stained Glass OST Cover))
080327 Love 101 Song Chang Ui 사랑이라는 이유로 - (2-05. 살고싶어 (Stained Glass OST Cover))
090325 J-Walk - My Love Special Edition (2-01. 사랑한다 외쳐요 feat. Miryo)
080602 Little Mum Scandal OST (01. Bad Girls)
080620 Choi Jung Chul - Marriage (02. Marriage feat. Ga In)
080910 Mini Album - My Style
081017 Digital Single - 병원에 가다 (그리움...) (Going to the Hospital (Longing...)) (Narsha)
081030 Digital Single - My Style (Hidden Track)
081030 The Kingdom of the Winds OST (06. 다애(多愛)) (Je A)
081126 East of Eden OST 2 (03. 미운사랑 (Hateful Love) ) (Black Pearl and Je A)
081202 Digital Single - 좋은날 (Good Day) (Lost and Found aka Sweet Lies OST)
090206 Digital Single - 불끈송 (Sudden Song) (Narsha and Miryo)
090709 Digital Single - Candy Man
090721 3집 - Sound G
090909 My Fair Lady OST 1.5 (01. I Love You feat. Miryo) (Narsha)
090909 My Fair Lady OST 1.5 (02. I Love You feat. Jang Geun Yi) (Narsha)
090924 Han Young - Diet (01. Diet feat. Miryo)
091007 4Tomorrow - 두근두근 Tomorrow (Ga In)
091029 3집 - Sound G (Repackage Album)
091217 Digital Single - 우리 사랑하게 됐어요 (We Fell In Love) (Ga In and Jo Kwon)
091222 Digital Single - 하모니 (Harmony) (Je A & Lee Young Hyun)
091222 Digital Single - 눈 내리는 마을 (Miryo & Various Artists)
091229 Lee Jae Hoon - First Whisper (03. 눈의 선물 feat. Narsha)
100115 Lisa - 우리 결혼할까? (01. Shall We Get Married? feat. Miryo)
100204 Untouchable - 2nd Mini Album (04. 가슴에 살아 feat. Narsha)

Music Videos
다가와서 (Come Closer)
Hold the Line
Loving You (Vineyard Man OST)
The Day (Je A)
情 (정/Jung/Feeling) (Je A)
사랑을 만나다 (Ga In) (Prequel for Must Have Love?)
Must Have Love (Ga In)
Must Have Friends (Ga In)
오아시스 (Oasis)
너에게 속았다 (I Got Fooled By You)
떠나라 미스김 (Leave Ms. Kim)
이 겨울에 (This Winter) (Miryo & Narsha)
미운사랑 (Hateful Love) (Je A) (East of Eden OST)
Love Action
Bad Girls (Little Mum Scandal OST)
Marriage (Ga In)
어쩌다 (How Come)
My Style
Good Day (Sweet Lies OST)
사랑한다 외쳐요 (Miryo)
Abracadabra (Stage Ver.)

Past Layouts
June 2009-Dec 2009

Dec 2009-Feb 2010

Hold the Line (feat. Jo PD)
060801 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (July)

061201 16th Seoul Music Awards Newcomer

080222 KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart #1
080301 MBC Show! Music Core Mobile Ranking #1
080302 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song
080309 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song
081210 23rd Golden Disk Awards Digital Bongsang

어쩌다 (Eojjeoda) (How Come)
090116 BFF Model Awards Popular Group
090212 18th Seoul Music Awards Bonsang

090814 KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart Digital Ranking #1
090816 SBS Inkigayo Mobile Ranking #1
090816 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song
090820 Mnet M Countdown #1
090823 SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Song
090828 KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart Digital Ranking #1
090830 SBS Inkigayo Mobile Ranking #1
090901 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (August)
090901 Melon Monthly TOP 100 #1 (August)
090903 Mnet M Countdown #1

Melon Chart
090719-090815 Melon Music Video TOP 100 #1 (4 Weeks)
090726-090815 Melon Download TOP 100 #1 (3 Weeks)
090726-090829 Melon Artist TOP 20 #1 (5 Weeks)
090802-090822 Melon Weekly TOP 100 #1 (3 Weeks)

091121 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Girl Group
091121 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best House & Electronic Song
091216 Melon Awards Top 10
100115 KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart #1 We Fell In Love (Ga In/Jo Kwon)
100122 KBS2 Music Bank K-Chart #1 We Fell In Love (Ga In/Jo Kwon)
100203 19th Seoul Music Awards Bonsang

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